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Brexit & Cross Border Solutions

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Steel Import Duty

Steel Import Duty & Safeguarding Duty

Background In 2018, the United States imposed a quota on Rest of World (RoW) steel, making exporting to the US less attractive, thereby supporting the competitiveness of their own industry. The EU subsequently published a safeguarding

Financial Supports Ireland

Brexit & Covid-19 Financial Supports | Ireland

The Irish Government has this week announced additional financial supports, as well as, changes to current funding schemes. These financial supports are available to businesses operating in Ireland who have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus


A Webinar for the Construction Sector

Join us on Thursday 28th January at 2pm for a Webinar for the Construction Sector, where we will be looking at the BIG ISSUES you won't find in the text books on how to: Protect Your

Corporate Tax Residency For Cross-Border Companies United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland map outline. Communication, connection concept.Modern futuristic low polygonal, wireframe, lines and dots design. Vector illustration.

How to Determine Corporate Tax Residency for Cross-Border Companies

Cross-border companies may need to determine if their tax residency is affected by Brexit and/or the COVID-19 pandemic, says Siobhan McCreesh from PKF-FPM’s Brexit Consulting Team. Cross-border companies who restructured their business operations due to Brexit or

Brexit Consulting - Postponed VAT Accounting

BUSINESS & BREXIT | Postponed VAT Accounting

Great Britain has now left the EU. At the end of the Brexit transition period, UK and Irish Governments introduced Postponed VAT Accounting. While Great Britain has left the EU and is now referred to as

Brexit Deadline, Jigsaw Clock

Brexit: Time to turn Concern into Action

While the economic and social chaos caused by Covid-19 has left few aspects of life unaffected, one thing that has not changed is the date on which the Brexit transition period will end. With the 31

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